3 Continuing Education Credits


Creating Affirming Spaces for Clients, Worker and Allies who are LGBTQ

This workshop will aim to identify how to create affirming spaces for the LGBTQ and allied community.  There has been some advances in the equality of the LGBTQ community however there are still disparities, misunderstandings and outright prejudice.  This workshop will define what sexual orientation is as well as gender.  We will also discuss the importance of using the proper language while working within this community.  We will also discuss the best practices of working within this community.  Finally, resources will be provided.

Upcoming Dates

Monday May, 13

Port Jefferson


Workshop Objectives

• Identify what sexual orientation is and what it isn't. 

• Discuss what Gender is and what it isn't 

• Explore Socioeconomic disparity between people who identify as LGBTQ and the larger    community 

• Discuss the importance of language in the LGBTQ community  

• Identify Best Practices for creating affirming spaces for Clients, Workers and Allies of the LGBTQ    Community


Michael Chiappone, LMSW