3 Continuing Education Credits


Equine Therapy 101. An introductory course for Mental Health Professionals


Equine Therapy is an experiential method of learning through an interactive experience with horses. There is reflective observation, solution focused approach and applied action step phases. EquiSensory Healing™ is the facilitation of interpreting the sensory information being transmitted and received between the horse and human for the purposes of learning and change. It is a process in which clinician and client focus on abilities instead of disabilities creating a sense of ease rather than disease. With the help of the EquiSensory Healing ™ clinician the patient goes on an inner journey to places deeply hidden or guarded in order to create new pathways in recovery. The clinician notes the information which can be a continuous learning and healing tool. The clinician then helps the development of skills from the experience that assist recovery and allow healthier more supportive choices to be made. The benefits include: Self Leadership, Empowerment, Emotional Regulation, Boundaries, Trust, Respect, Creativity, Team Work, Peace of Mind and Emotional Intelligence 

Upcoming Dates

Friday, June 28th, 2019 1-4 PM

64 Halsey Manor Road, 

Manorville, NY

Workshop Objectives


  • Define Equine Therapy and EquiSensory Healing
  • Discuss the Benefits of Equine Therapy and EquiSensory Healing
  • Identify the benefits of Equine Therapy and EquiSensory Healing
  • Identify barriers to Equine Therapy and EquiSensory Healing
  • Experience/Observe EquiSensory Healing modality


Diana O’Donnell Certified Equine Specialist, Recovery Coach, CASAC-T, Reiki Master Practitioner

Michael Chiappone, LCSW