3 Continuing Education Credits


Mindfulness and Self-Care Techniques for the Professional

Learn simple yet powerful Mindfulness methods and techniques to implement in your professional life. There is extensive research regarding the benefits of being Mindful. These benefits include the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression as well as an increase in physical health, mental health, cognitive functioning, self-esteem and the quality of relationships.  Learn how to help your clients incorporate Mindfulness strategies into their lives to achieve a more grounded, peaceful existence. In this workshop, you will participate in exercises that will allow you to experience the power of the Mindful moment.  By becoming mindful, you will be empowered to also model it in your professional life. 

Workshop Objectives


· Define what Mindfulness is and Mindfulness isn’t

· Discuss history and founding principles of Mindfulness and mental health

· Identify the psychical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral benefits of Mindfulness

· Examine the connection between practicing Mindfulness and the positive effects it has with people who experience mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression


Michael Chiappone, LCSW