6 Continuing Education Credits


A Healthy Perspective–A Complementary Approach, Treating Mental Health with Nutrition and Exercise


Many people we encounter  have a mental health diagnosis.  Often times the symptoms of the mental illness can be exasperated by a poor gut or microbiome and a lack of embracing a healthier lifestyle.  Conversely the symptoms can be mitigated by a healthy gut, lifestyle choices, and physical activity.  This workshop will examine how nutrition and exercise has a direct effect on mental health.  


This is a LIVE in Person Course as well as a LIVE WEBINAR running simultaneously for our out of town folks!  Once you register I will contact you and give you further instruction!  Check out the NYS Office of Profession Website to verify that Chi Professional Development  is a NYS Provider! NYS Office of Professions 

$120 per person, can cancel anytime, no refunds.

Workshop Objectives

  • Overview of the Connection of Mental Health, Nutrition and Exercise
  • Discuss  evidence based research regarding diet, exercise and mental health
  • Identify obstacles of eating healthy and exercise Identify specific interventions Social Workers can use in order to facility healthy eating and exercise
  • Enhance the Social Workers engagement skill set in approaching clients about nutrition and exercise
  • Identify local resource and providers would support healthy eating and exercise


Michael Chiappone, LCSW


Karen Sullivan, CFMHC, AADP