6 Continuing Education Credits


Self-Care Techniques, Strategies and Benefits for the Professional and their Clients 6 CE

In this immersion workshop, you will explore the power of incorporating a variety of Self-Care and Mindfulness techniques and practices in your daily routine to enhance your effectiveness in your profession.  Exercises involving self-care, mindfulness, diet and exercise will be explored and experienced.  We will consider the mental, physical and emotional benefits of self-care and mindfulness. We will create and experience self-care and Mindful activities for direct implementation in your personal and professional life.

Workshop Objectives

  • Define what Self Care is and what it isn't
  • Discuss obstacles of self care
  • Identify the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of self care
  • Have each participant develop their own self care plan 
    Learn and practice self-care techniques and how you can implement them in your professional setting 


Michael Chiappone, LMSW